Kenco Premium

Kenco Coffee House Roast

Specially blended for a coffee shop taste

Our Kenco Coffee House Roast is an everyday coffee you’ll quickly feel at home with. We’ve expertly blended and roasted the finest beans for a full flavour and aroma, capturing that delicious coffee shop taste, in an instant. 

Kenco Premium

Whether you prefer the rich or the smooth, a classic house roast or a delightful decaff, always insist on exceptional taste. And that’s exactly what you get with our premium range.

Coffee vs Gangs

For the second year, Kenco is offering a group of young people a chance of a better life, by training them to become independent coffee farmers with the skills to grow great quality beans.

Making great coffee

From cherries to granules – find out how the high-quality beans become your favourite cup of coffee.

Talk about great coffee

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