Kenco Millicano

Kenco Millicano Sunlight Blend

A unique blend with a bright and refreshing taste to gently awaken your senses every day

Little things can really brighten your day – a ray of sunshine here, a burst of music there. When your coffee gives you that gentle lift all day long, you’re in a good place with the world.

Kenco Millicano Sunlight Blend is a refreshing, brighter version of our hugely popular wholebean instant coffee – our closest thing to ‘proper’ coffee in an instant. Lightly roasted but still with a full-bodied flavour, it gently awakens your senses so you can enjoy the lively, uplifting taste morning, noon and night.

It’s the same clever combination of instant coffee and finely milled quality beans as the rest of the Kenco Millicano range.

Kenco Millicano

Kenco Millicano is our first ‘Wholebean Instant coffee’. It’s a clever combination of instant coffee and finely milled beans, giving coffee lovers like you the convenience of instant with the quality and taste reminiscent of roast and ground coffee at home. It’s our closest thing to ‘proper’ coffee in an instant - quite simply, we believe it’s our best from Kenco. Choose original Kenco Millicano or Kenco Millicano Caff Free* – and now there’s Kenco Millicano Sunlight Blend, specially created for a bright and refreshing taste throughout the day or a Kenco Millicano Dark Blend with a bold and intense aroma for a rich coffee experience.

*decaffeinated to 0.3% as per regulations.

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