What is Coffee vs Gangs?


For young Hondurans, gangs are a constant threat. Joining one may seem like the only option for survival. Last year, at Kenco, we started a project to make a difference.

We offer young people a chance of a better life, by training them to be independent coffee farmers with the skills to grow great quality beans. The first students have completed their year-long course. They’re now building businesses of their own, backed by funding from Kenco.

In 2016, Kenco are doing the same for a whole new set of students. Once again, we’re teaching them all they need to know to become coffee farmers – skilled growers, producing the finest beans.

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Class of 2016

Class of 2015

The class of 2015 is the first set of Coffee vs Gangs' students. In 2014, Kenco started Coffee vs Gangs and  turned a group of 20 young people into the coffee makers of the future. Watch the video to meet them.

News stories

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On a return trip to Honduras to the Coffee vs Gangs project, we find a new group of students eager to make their mark in the world.

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The Telegraph

Open for business

The first year of students has now graduated and are ready to take their new skills into the real world. This news article takes a look at how one graduate, Enrique, progresses now he's running a farm of his own.

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